What if the outfit is lost or damaged?

What if the outfit is lost or damaged?

If your outfit gets lost, stolen or damaged beyond repair, you will be liable to pay for the retail price of the item. We know this is a rare and unfortunate event, and rest assured, we will work to ensure the best solution is found.

What happens if I damage the outfit?

Your insurance that is a part of your membership covers all minor wear and tear such as missing buttons, small repairable tears, small stains, stuck zips etc. However, your insurance doesn’t cover permanent and irreparable damage. This is an extremely rare circumstance. In this instance, we will work with you to resolve the damage but you may be asked to pay the retail cost of the dress.

Will the outfits arrive wrinkle-free?

All outfits are dry cleaned, steamed and packed in a garment bag before delivery.

However, some fabrics are prone to wrinkle during transit. In such cases, we request you to follow the care instructions provided. 

How do I choose my perfect outfit?

At LAGOM, we strive to ensure your rental experience is curated to your style preferences. To help choose your outfit, we have designed a Fashion Profile questionnaire that helps determine and curate your closet in the cloud. 

How long can I keep a rental for?

Our plan includes a rental period of 4 days for each outfit. We will deliver your dress on your ‘delivery date’ and your dress needs to be returned on the last day of your rental period, ‘return date’.