(adv.) | Swedish | [la:gom]
Not too little, not too much.
Just the right amount.

The dynamic nature in which the fashion industry operates urges every member of society to constantly update their closet. We are here to disrupt the way fashion is run by driving a shift in how people dress – through renting.

Derived from the Swedish word meaning ‘the right amount’, we are here to promote a reflaunt, rewear & relove lifestyle.

How It Works ?

By curating a wardrobe in the cloud to promote a sustainable, more conscious lifestyle.

We are young, we are tech-savvy, and we are fashionable – a striking combination for the digital era.

Offering our clients a tailor-made experience, we take pride in calling ourselves data-driven by integrating artificial intelligence with a human overlay allowing us to synchronize each clients’ personal style preferences, to offer a unique outfit for every occasion.

Why Rent With Us?

Collaborating with brands from across the world, we aim to bring you the latest trends that are available to rent with just the click of a button.

With continuously changing trends within the fashion world, we are here to build your closet in the cloud to help to allow you to blend into your social ecosystem.


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About Us



About Us